Rules for handling personal data
Skotersverige values ​​your personal data and manages this in accordance with current legislation. Skotersverige takes your privacy seriously and uses and stores this information regarding the policies mentioned below.

All digital media handled by "Skotersverige" are governed by this policy. We handle the information we receive from you as a customer with the utmost respect and care. This means that you as an individual know that your personal information is handled in a professional and legal manner.

This document has been added with regard to new legislation and for your safety. Thanks to the new legislation (applicable after 25 May 2018), we want to ensure that you get more nuanced information about how your information is handled when you as a customer use our services.

The overall responsibility for your personal information
When you use our services, some of your information is stored and we are then responsible for handling and storing this information.

Where do your personal information come from?
The party that plays the biggest role in the advent of these tasks is yourself. For example, you may leave your e-mail to receive a general mailing or you have accepted to receive notifications in our app. Some examples of information provided during your visits may be your name, e-mail address, phone number, address where you would like more information, delivery or how you intend to pay.

Your personal information is a result of your use. For example, this could be that you visit one of our websites, chat with us or use one or more of the services we provide. We have the ability to save visitor traffic, and certain communication data. Examples of how such data may look like are, for example, your IP address, the kind of device you use, your current operating system, and the browser you used when you visited us.

Your information can be collected using something called cookies and used by us to help us learn more about you as a customer to provide the best service we can provide for you. But before we can access your information through the above-mentioned cookies, you must first agree that we do. This means that our collection of information will be done on your terms.

You will be alerted by clear notifications when it is mandatory to provide certain information regarding a particular service, offer or product and when not required.

Which actors we have the opportunity to share your personal information with
Your personal information may (with the exception of today and only if you accept this) be shared with companies that are affiliated with us in any way. These companies may be subcontractors, partners or contractors.

This omission will be in accordance with Swedish and European legislation and your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than you have been informed and consented to. In addition, we are responsible for ensuring that your information is handled correctly if shared with non-EU/ ESS parties.

Your rights
According to EU data protection legislation, you as a citizen of a member state have a number of rights under current law. This also applies to how we as managers must handle your personal information. You have the opportunity to access your personal information, rectification and deletion of these as well as any objections with regard to how your information is used in, for example, marketing purposes. You also have the right to complain to the Data Protection Inspectorate.

Purpose and reason for processing your personal data.
As a customer, your information is used in the manner described below.

Purpose/Valid handling of personal data and customer profiles
Only done in the context you approved this by filling in the information on our Web or filling in your name in our app with your contact information and accepting that we may share your data.

Purpose/Administration and development of offered services
Applies only if you use our app and sign up via the web or app to one of our customers' events.

Purpose/Keeping order/payment history statistics.
We are responsible for storing your purchase information in accordance with current accounting rules. Since the purchase usually deals with some kind of personal ticket/link, we, after 6 month, perform an "anonymization" of data after which we convert personal information to unreadable information, but stores completed transaction numbers as current receipt. In the event that you have given acceptance in connection with the purchase that our customer / partner is entitled to send the information to you, you acknowledge that they will send information to you according to the item "Storing Personal Data" below.

Purpose/Implementation and fulfillment of orders for services
In this context, because our customers' product may be personal, we need to store them so that there is personal traceability. In connection with purchase, you must accept that your personal data is stored.

Purpose/Continuous updating of customer profiles
The more information we get to know, the better we can provide you with relevant information for just what you are looking for and are interested in through different notification channels such as email, text or push notes.

Purpose/Handling of Personal Customer Service
When you have a problem, we store the information that you contacted us for a support case.

Purpose/Professional communication and support opportunities
When you have questions or need support, we store the information that you contacted us for a support case.

Sensitive permissions for mobile apps (Access background location)
Our app is intended to be a tool for our snowmobile owners who use our system for trail presentation and the function requires access for location setting. Note that the service is not used for marketing, ads or the like. To provide complete transparency, we give the user full control when location tracking is initiated ("Trail recording service" and "Trail update service") and when location tracking is performed. When the location service is running in the background, the user can see it in the message center.

Purpose/Accounting and Accounting.

Purpose/Your financial transactions are documented and used in accounting and accounting purposes.

Consent of direct marketing
With your consent to contact via digital means, we will regularly share information and provide you with offers. This direct marketing is based on your personal information and your personal profile with us.

Storing personal data
Your personal data is stored until the missing need for the information provided by you as a customer and in relation to legal requirements. Personal data is not used for targeted marketing for more than 3 years.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) states that users have the right to access their personal data that the company manages. This applies to access to, any changes and purification's of the existing information we have. This legislation also includes how the management of your personal data goes on.

Is there a need to use GDPR post a signed letter with a request for what you want to do to the address below. Customer service and data protection agent are available for comments and complaints.

Relevance/If you have any problems, you have the opportunity to contact our customer service.

Skotersverige Skolgatan 33 196 34 Kungsängen

Briefly about GDPR
GDPR includes the personal data that players collect and store about you and what you have rights about the use and storage of these data. You are entitled to request access to and information about the use of your personal data. You are entitled to request that the actor in question correct and remove personal data. You have the right to cancel prior consent. You are entitled to influence the use of personal data in relation to direct marketing.

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